In the configurator selector, when we click on  

two windows will open, one on top of the other as follows:

The system asks us if we want to start from scratch or from another configuration previously created (or from a preset or from a configuration received). We can exit this screen by clicking on NO, or we can select by double-clicking on one configuration or clicking on one configuration and then YES.

If we click NO, the window will close and what we will have will be as follows:



We can notice that two functionalities (buttons) are disabled: delete and share (functionalities we will analyze in detail in the proper sections).

These functionalities won't be available until you saved them for the first time.

The main items on the page are the name of the configuration which is mandatory

and an optional description you can insert to better describe/explain a configuration.

Two clickable images reminding of two macro sections in MT4Professional, the panel, and the workspace. Clicking on them the relative configurator will open.

Finally, at the bottom of the screen, we'll find all the buttons for all the available actions.

When you first save, all the buttons will be enabled.

When clicking on SAVE, if no sections were compiled the system will remind us to do that (however, this process can be skipped).

Instead, if we want to edit a configuration previously created, on the selector we have to select a configuration (custom, the others are non-editable) and click on EDIT. 

The process will be as that related to the creation of a new configuration but with the following differences:

  • no "start from an existing configuration" will be requested
  • data will be preloaded with that of the configurations we want to modify
  • bottom buttons will be already enabled when loading

and when we will save the configuration we will overwrite the original one.

To delete a configuration, simply modify it (click on EDIT) and then on DELETE (when enabled).