When the cell color changes, in the case of multi-color cells when any of them changes, MT4Professional sends a notification to your preferred channels. Moreover, the workspace is instantly changed to the pair which triggered the change so you can analyze the situation.

The notification contains also a snapshot of the current situation and a link to the real-time scanner to monitor the situation when you are not in front of the computer.

To enable notifications just enable

in the scanner settings.

Let us remind you to access the scanner settings you have to follow these steps:

  • Click on Select a Configuration
  • Select one of your custom configurations
  • Click Edit
  • Click on the left panel (i.e. Scanner Panel)
  • Click on the right panel (i.e. Scanner)

After enabling Realtime Notifications, the following box will appear, it will be enabled by default.

This will include a snapshot of the scanner and the charts in the notification. However, it will cause the loading of the charts on MT4 so if this is a problem for you disable this option so that the charts will not be loaded. In this case, the notification will come but without including the snapshot. 

There are different notification channels, and some of them are enabled as default. You can see all notification channels and enable them here https://admin.mt4professional.com/settings#/notifications or by clicking on the following link inside the MT4Professional scanner configurator.

The list of available channels is updated over time. At the moment the main channels are:

  • email: an email with a snapshot and a link to the real-time scanner
  • web: a notification inside the portal is created with a snapshot link and a link to the real-time scanner. If you set up web push on your devices you'll see this notification also via push notifications, however, some devices aren't supported
  • SMS: you can receive a notification via SMS, in that case, an SMS with a link for the real-time scanner is sent, to receive this kind of notification you have to set up your phone number. SMS has a monthly limit of 100SMS/mo, if you need more contact us
  • Telegram: you can receive a notification in Telegram with a snapshot and a link to the real-time scanner.