Choose a plan to match the number of MT4 accounts that you would like MT4Professional activated on. You may adjust your plan at any time (your account will be prorated).

NOTE: If you reduce your plan, make sure to leave enough licenses to match your MT4 accounts. For example, if you downgrade from 3 accounts to 1 account, you must remove 2 accounts from your profile. If you do not choose which accounts to remove they will randomly be removed by the system.

If you are part of a trading group, the Platinum Plan is an economical choice (100 MT4 Accounts). The tokens can be distributed to individual members of the group. If you have more than 100 accounts or other requests, please contact us directly at

To make adjustments to your plan, go to Your discounted price is shown at the top of the page, under the “Current Discount” heading.

You have no limits for the usage of the cloud for image storage and configurations as long as you respect the terms of good usage. We reserve the right to limit any cloud storage usage if the storage space used is outside of normally acceptable limits. Click here for more information on storage limits and terms and conditions