To open scanner symbols (the list of symbols to show inside the scanner) go to the configuration configurator and click on the left panel.

Let us remind you that to access the configuration configurator you have to:

  • Click on Select a Configuration
  • Select one of your custom configurations
  • Click Edit
  • Click on the left panel (i.e. Scanner Panel)

then the following window will open.

This window allows you to select whether you want to configure symbols (rows) or scanner rules and timeframes (columns).

So you have to click on the left panel

and a window like the following will open.

On the left side, you have the list of all symbols available in your current MT4 platform, to add them to the scanner select them and click the arrow or just double-click.

You can also easily change the display order, by dragging & dropping the selected symbols list.

If you want to remove one symbol from the list just click the following button for that symbol.

If you want to remove all symbols just click

When you switch MT4 you have to verify if you have all symbols you have added to the scanner. If the symbols are available with a prefix/suffix you can add it in the setting and everything will work properly.

If your symbol is not in the list just click the following button

and the following window will open, here you can add your symbol.

Finally, if you want to use the same list of symbols used in another configuration you can do it by clicking on 

and a selector, analogous to the one opened when you want to create a new configuration, will open in this way.