Workspace chart configurations allow you to configure charts layout, every chart you insert here is an MT4 chart, with sizes, timeframe and template configured. At the end of the article, a quick example is shown.

To open scanner workspace charts configurations go to the configuration configurator and click on the right panel

then the workspace configuration will open, if it's small for you, you can change the size to fit your needs.

In the main area, you'll put the charts, drawing the composition of the chart. These charts are not related to the timeframes of the scanner columns. 

Let's try together to build a simple workspace.

To add a chart just click on the following button

then a chart will be added.

You can move it with drag & drop, clicking on every point inside the chart.

You can resize a chart by clicking on the borders, like a normal window.

You can add as many charts as you want, by just clicking on the Add button. If charts are overlapping a message alerts you.

If you want to automatically order charts you can do it with just one click on this button

The default tile options try to optimize the space, for example, if we add 2 charts reaching 4 total charts you'll have the following situation.

However there are some different options to tile windows, just click on the arrow inside the tile window button

There are different options:

Let's try together one of them!

When you select one of these options, it will be set as default for the tile windows button.

If you want to remove a chart, just click on

For every chart, you can configure the TimeFrame/Period

and a standard MT4 template (created inside standard MT4).

Now you can select the same template on the other charts or add a new one.

Note: If you edit an old configuration and you want to update a template you just have to re-upload only once for every template used in the workspace, so in the previous example you have to upload once ADX (in any of the 3 charts where it's used) and once Momentum.

Note 2: The template is brought with the configuration, so if you switch computers or MT4 accounts you'll see it. However, if you use custom indicators inside the template they are not brought, so to see them you have to be sure they are also present in the other MT4/computer.

If you want to remove all symbols just click 

Finally, if you want to use the same list of symbols used in another configuration you can do it by clicking on 


and a selector, analogous to the one opened when wanting to create a new configuration, will open in this way.

As promised a full workspace example.