Version 3.1.2


  • Auto upgrade: now when a new version is released you can easily download and install it automatically without manually downloading it, a popup will inform you about the new version


  • General minor issues fixed

Version 3.1.1


  • Possibility to configure notifications without making snapshots and so without changing the current symbol
  • Integrated browser improved


  • Crashes fixed
  • Installation errors fixed
  • General minor issues fixed

Version 3.1.0


  • Support to standard indicators introduced by MT5:
    • AMA
    • ADXWilder
    • DEMA
    • FrAMA
    • TEMA
    • VIDyA
    • Chaikin
    • TriX
  • Now configurations created in MT4 and in MT5 are separated and isolated to avoid conflicts since they are not fully compatible (e.g. templates of MT5 are not compatible with MT4 ones and vice-versa)


  • MT5 fixes for some indicators (the parameters were not retrieved correctly)
  • MT4 fixes for the "close" indicator
  • Fix on Alligator preset for MT5
  • General minor issues fixed

Version 3.0.2


  • MT5 presets now have proper MT5 templates


  • Template loading error fixed: sometimes the template was not loaded properly into some MT4
  • Scanner non-starting issue fixed: sometimes the scanner was not loaded properly into some MT4
  • General minor issues fixed

Version 3.0.1

The first fixes release version of MT4Professional 3. In this release, there are the following minor fixes and improvements:

  • Windows scale MT4Professional panel issue fixed
  • MT5 version stability improved
  • MT5 version minor fixes
  • Custom indicator minor fixes
  • Better errors management
  • Configuration without scanner rule feature (capability to load a configuration without scanner rules)
  • Synced crosshair minor fixes
  • General minor issues fixed

Version 3.0.0

A totally rewritten version.
MT4Professional 3.0.0 now has lots of improvements:

  • Easier to use and configure
  • Faster scanner (up to 100x improvement)
  • MT5 support
  • Improved performances
  • Unlimited scanner conditions and flexibility

and lots more...