After having installed MT4Professional, it should be already activated on your MT4, otherwise, you should find a profile called "MT4Professional", just select it. If it doesn't work just open a new chart (the symbol is not relevant) and add "MT4Professional/MT4Professional" EA. To install MT4Professional take a look at the proper section: How to Install/Upgrade.

Note: the MT4 DDL import has to be enabled.

The first time you use MT4Professional on a new instance the login screen will be shown.

Please use the same credentials used to log into the Member Area.

When opening MT4Professional, you'll find a screen like the one below:

There are some charts called "DO NOT CLOSE ME", these charts are some hidden charts needed so that MT4Professional can work properly, please do not close them.

On the left, the main MT4Professional panel is shown.

On the right, the empty space will be the area where charts (workspaces) will open.

Moreover, you'll already find the configurations selection window.

This window can be reopened at any time by clicking the following button in the panel

From this window, you'll be able to create new configurations or modify already existing ones, but above all, you can load configurations.

The first time loading MT4Professional, you'll see some example configurations you can load and use.

Simply select the configuration and press Load. Attention, the first few times you start MT4Professional, it may be a little bit slow because it downloads symbols.

Now you can start, enjoy and explore the example configurations!

Let's try together, let's load "sma cross example with notifications". Don't worry, in the next article, we'll learn how to build a configuration from scratch.

This configuration compares two simple moving averages (SMA(15) e SMA(30)). If SMA(15) > SMA(30) the cursor will be green, otherwise it will be red. This is for two different timeframes (H1 and M1). 

Moreover, a notification will be sent every time a cell color changes (so the direction changes too).

What we will have is the following:

What we see is that in the MT4Professional panel, the scanner will open and start running.

The scanner will have symbols (rows) and timeframes (columns) and every cell will have a color.

On the right, two charts on the same symbol but on different timeframes (H1 e M1) will open.

To open another symbol, maintaining the same timeframes and same layout you'll simply have to click on one of the symbols on the left of the scanner and the charts will gradually open.

We can notice we can move the crosshair simultaneously on several charts. Time and price will be synchronized on different timeframes as below. You can stop/resume it by just clicking on the chart.

Soon, the scanner will finish its scanning process and the situation will be as follows, where the scanner started other scanning processes.

When the scanner color changes, a message alerts us and automatically the charts (workspace) will open for the symbol where the change occurred (with the previous timeframes). Moreover, we'll receive a notification on different channels (email, SMS, etc...) with a snapshot, as below.

Want to take a snapshot manually? Click on the following button. You'll find it in the member area where you can also socially share it:

If you surf the link you'll be able to see the scanner in real-time from any device (also mobile devices), from anywhere as below. To use the real-time scanner, the scanner on MT4Professional has to be active and the MT4 with MT4Professional window has not to be minimized.

If you click on a symbol you can get a real-time snapshot of charts (workspace) for that symbol as below.

If you have opened trades, you'll see them on the same page, at the bottom of that page as follows.

To see how to create your custom configurations take a look at the proper knowledge section: Software Configurator.