Here below is the procedure to Install/Upgrade MT4Professional. 

NOTE: For MT5, the installation process is the same.


1) Download the version for your platform (MT4 or MT5).
If you need them both, download both versions.

2) A setup wizard will open. You can now start the installation process.

3) Read and Accept our License Agreement, select a folder where you're going to install MT4Professional and click Next to start the installation.

4) A new window will open. You'll be able to select which MT4 instances you want to install.

All your MT4 instances will be shown here, if you cannot find them, click on the "MT4 not listed?" button.

You can select and then click Install (please don't worry, you don't need to select all directories now, you can do it later).

If MT4 is already installed on one of these instances, the version installed will be seen and you'll be able to upgrade them.

If the already installed version is the same one you're currently installing, going on a repair of the installation will be performed. If MT4Professiona has never been installed, the version won't be shown (The "Version Installed" column may not be visible).

Be careful! If you close this window, MT4Professional won't be added to any MT4 instances.

The Install button is now enabled.

If after the installation you want to add another platform, you can avoid downloading and installing it again. 

Just open "MT4Professional installer for MT4" windows application

or click on the desktop icon

and the following window will open.


Upgrade MT4Professional

Follow the new install procedure, you'll find all your MT4 instances with the MT4Professional version currently installed in the proper column.

Go on here in the Quick Start section.