To open scanner rules go to the configuration configurator and click on the left panel.

Let us remind you that to access the configuration configurator you have to:

  • Click on Select a Configuration
  • Select one of your custom configurations
  • Click Edit
  • Click on the left panel (i.e. Scanner Panel)

then the following window will open.

This window allows you to select whether you want to configure symbols (rows) or scanner rules and timeframes (columns).

So you have to click on the right panel

And the following window will open, if it's small for you, you can change the size to fit your needs.

On the top side, you have the possibility to enable notifications, for more info see the dedicated article: Scanner Realtime Notifications

and the possibility to change the size of the scanner panel.

In the main area, there are scanner columns with the rules.

Every box is a column, here you can set up the TimeFrame/Period for that column, more columns (boxes) can have the same TimeFrame/Period, in that case, columns could be distinguished by inserting a custom name (last field of the column box). These columns (timeframes) are not related to the charts selected in the workspace.

On every column you have to set at least one color rule, a color rule is a rule applied for every row symbol for the column timeframe. This rule decides the color of cells for that column, more than one color rule per time could be selected for a box. In this case for each rule a color is shown in the cell (the cell will be multi-color), and every rule returns one color, so the number of colors shown is the same number of color rules inserted, and the colors are shown in the same order of color rules.

To see how to create color rules see the dedicated article: How to Add/Edit Color Rules.

Finally, on every box, you can set up (optionally) the "indicator to show" field to show in every cell the value returned from an indicator applied for the column timeframe and the row symbol.

To see how to add indicators see the dedicated article: How to Add/Edit Indicators.

Not-used indicators and color rules will be automatically removed when saving the entire configuration.

When a color rule is set the big + button is enabled and it's possible to add another column, the order of the columns can be changed via drag&drop, as shown below.

To remove a column just click on

Note: The OK button for the scanner is enabled only if the scanner is valid.

Finally, if you want to use the same list of symbols used in another configuration you can do it by clicking on  

and a selector, analogous to the one opened when wanting to create a new configuration, will open in this way.